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Solar PV Installations, operation and maintenance of ground and roof mounted PV systems and LED lighting

For 7 years IDDEA Ltd have been at the forefront of solar PV installations throughout the South of England. Our portfolio ranges from domestic to large commercial roof installations and ground mounted solar parks covering 30 acres.

IDDEA Ltd have highly qualified and greatly experience teams of installation and design engineers to ensure that the best possible PV systems are installed on our customers property’s.  Coupled with detailed remote monitoring of existing installations, IDDEA Ltd are perfectly suited to install, monitor and maintain any size of PV installation.

IDDEA have extensive experience in installing free solar panel installations to commercial, educational and industrial buildings; our Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) from our finance partner means that even with a greatly reduced FiT, we can usually install a free installation to one of the above mention property types and save the occupant of that building thousands of pounds over a 20 year period. The great thing with our PPA is; the rate you pay for the electricity from your roof won’t cost any more than you pay from the grid*, it won’t increase when the price of electricity increases** and the system can become yours at the end of the period for no cost. The PPA system is a fantastic way to fix an element of your running costs AND reduce your carbon emissions for no upfront costs!!

Why choose IDDEA?

  • Extensive experience in energy industry
  • We design bespoke solutions to suit your needs
  • 100% customer satisfaction through IWA
  • Market leading PPA rates
  • We love hearing feedback – see what our customers say

IDDEA are committed to maximising the productivity of generated electricity to help our customers make the best possible returns from their investments; just 1-2% reduction in performance or a delayed response to a fault could have serious ramifications on the financial viability of a PV installation.

Even if IDDEA didn’t install the system in the first place, we can still take responsibility for the installation (subject to a full site review) and carry out the Operations and Maintenance tasks, call-outs and monitoring as if it were one of our own.

To highlight our commitment to energy saving; IDDEA now install LED lighting solutions for commercial properties. The experienced design team will carry out a full survey of a property and give a detailed, no obligation quote which will include anticipated savings and the ALL important carbon reduction figures. LED lighting is not just a money saver, in many instances it can dramatically improve the lighting in a building, reduce risk of injury and actually increase productivity!



  • Market leading PPA rates
  • Comprehensive Service Level Agreements
  • If you are keen to improve your green credentials without significant capital expenditure, IDDEA will provide flexible funding options which can make this possible.
  • If you believe that there must be a better approach to energy consumption at your property, IDDEA has the breadth of experience and knowledge to help.

For more information about our renewable energy solutions please browse our site or why not ask us how we can help you? We look forward to hearing from you.



“If you are interested in reducing your energy bills, generating an income and stabilising your overheads – IDDEA can offer turnkey solutions which allow you to achieve this whilst doing your bit for the environment and reducing CO2. Visit our dedicated Solar installations, Solar O&M and LED Lighting pages for more information”