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Electric vehicle (EV) charging point installation

Electric car sales have increased from 3,500 in 2013 to 137,000 in March 2018. This exponential growth is set to continue. The owners of these vehicles require a charging point at their home, business or at other locations.

The Government are providing significant incentives for electric vehicles. At the moment, home owners and businesses can get charge points installed for virtually free, if not actually free, through the Government’s Office for Low Emissions Vehicle (OLEV) scheme.

How we can help

IDDEA can install single electric vehicle (EV) charging points to domestic or commercial properties and also larger networks of charging points in places of work, leisure venues, town car parks, supermarkets and other locations.

We can even install street lighting with EV charging points incorporated.

Our EV design team can deal with all civil engineering work, electrical design, installation, certification and liaison with National Grid.

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