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Businesses can make big return on investment by installing privately-owned solar panels. While it may cost more initially to get them installed, your business’ annual savings on electricity could be between £4,500 and £30,000.

Plus, with pollution set to become the biggest environmental cause of premature mortality globally by 2050, you can’t really afford not to go green.

Here are the main benefits of installing commercial solar panels; it may be the best investment your business ever makes.

The main benefits of installing solar power systems are:

  • Free use of energy
  • No installation costs through a PPA scheme
  • Beneficial for the environment
  • Earn a passive income with Feed-In Tariff (between £1,350 and £5,500)
  • Potential ROI of over 15% (saving between £4,500 and £30,000 annually)
  • Gain respect from customers and community

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Free use of energy

Installing commercial solar panels could see your business make an annual saving of £1,500 on electricity bills in your first year. Solar panels greatly benefit business owners because rather than purchasing large amounts on electricity from the National Grid each year, you can produce your own energy at no cost. Once you have installed solar panels, you can enjoy free energy usage for the lifespan of the technology – usually around thirty years.

There is a misconception that solar panels can only generate power in the sunniest of climates, but this is not the case. In fact, British business owners up and down the country – from Dorset and Wiltshire to Surrey and South End – make for great candidates for users of PV (photovoltaic) systems.

A 4kWp system can generate around 3,800 kilowatt hours of electricity every year in the southern parts of England; even on grey wintry days the panels can produce enough energy to power a building.

At night, you must switch back to the grid, but with your employees out of the office at night-time you won’t be using any energy anyway. Therefore, your energy spend per day is zero.

Larger systems are more cost-effective than smaller systems and can save an incredible 1.7 tonnes of carbon dioxide every year.

No installation costs through a Commercial Solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

Electricity savings when having outright ownership of panels are great, but there is another option for businesses – investing in a Commercial Solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).

PPA is a contract whereby investors in green technologies – like IDDEA in Wiltshire, UK – provide businesses with free solar panels (with no purchase, installation or maintenance costs) and the business owner then purchases the energy produced by the panels back off the investor. With this scheme, 9 out of 10 sites involved pay less per each unit of energy than they did when purchasing from the grid – and if they don’t accumulate great savings in the first year, they will later down the line.

What’s more, the cost of harnessing energy from solar panels through a PPA scheme only increases at the rate of the Government-stated retail prices index (RPI) level, so annual savings should increase year-on-year. Therefore, your business’ combined electricity savings over a 20-year period with a PPA could be as much as £146,542 – all without paying any purchase or installation costs.

A commercial PPA scheme generally lasts for 25 years, by which the original investor and classified owner of the panels can remove them and terminate the contract, or the panels can become the property of the building owner. If the building is sold during the contract, the new owner will need to agree to sign the PPA, and in doing so, can benefit from great annual energy savings.

The PPA agreement is recommended for all types of commercial buildings, though would highly benefit hospitals, schools, industrial buildings and factories, or any service which cannot purchase the system outright.

The benefits of a business owner entering into a Commercial Solar Panel Purchase Agreement are too great to not be considered; for no purchase or installation costs, your business can have the chance to go green and save thousands of pounds year on year. It is even feasible that once the leasehold period expires, the building owner will become the sole owner of the panels.

Beneficial for the environment

Nowadays, it’s more important than ever to reflect on your carbon footprint and readdress your impact on the environment. It should be noted that by 2050 the United Kingdom needs to have reduced their energy consumption by 85 percent, or it will violate international environmental laws.

With the planet’s temperatures continually rising, switching to sustainable energy sources has a been proven to have a positive effect on the ecosystem. Plus, using renewable energy means you dodge the inevitable rise of energy costs.

Business owners, especially, should be conscientious about future-proofing their energy consumption, and installing solar panels is one of the greatest steps towards sustainability best practice that they can take.

Earn a passive income with Feed-In Tariff

Currently, businesses account for half of the UK’s CO2 emissions, so to encourage business owners to implement renewable, low-carbon energy technologies, the government scheme Feed in tariffs (FIT) has been set up to reward those who produce their own energy with renewable energy systems like photovoltaic (PV) solar panels.

Under FIT, energy suppliers will pay per unit (kilowatt or kWh) of electricity generated – e.g. through solar panels or wind turbines – which is called the ‘generation tariff’. Any units of electricity that aren’t used can be sold back to the electricity supplier, and this is known as the ‘export tariff’.

FIT offers big ROI for business owners who install solar panels, and small businesses could even earn a passive income from selling unused energy – from £1,350 to £5,500 completely tax-free. This is in addition to annual electricity savings.

Potential ROI of over 15%

Though solar panel installation costs can be high, the cost of maintenance once the panels are in place is minimal. Privately purchasing solar panels for your business remains the most economic method of installing a green energy system. You will enjoy free electricity for the life of the system and can see a return on investment of over 15%. Your annual savings on electricity as opposed to buying energy from the grid could be anywhere between £4,500 and £30,000.

Gain respect from your customers and community

In this current environmental crisis, it’s becoming more respectable than ever to be conscientious about carbon emissions. The easiest way for your business to become green is to install a PV system on your building.

Taking into consideration the planet’s resources and becoming an advocate of renewable energy will earn you respect and credibility in your community. It could even improve your business and entice environmentally-mindful people to your services.

Installation: solar tiles and slates

Installing solar panels can be a costly option for business owners, but with the introduction of the FIT scheme installation costs have significantly decreased.

In pursuit of better energy usage, planning permission is not required for the installation of solar panels, which can same you time and, inadvertently, save you money.

All installations are designed by our experienced team of engineers to ensure that the right system for your business is chosen. Our expert installation team will then carry-out the work on the customer’s property with ultimate care and precision.

Who will benefit from installing solar panels?

All buildings and all businesses – big and small – can benefit from privately purchased PV systems, especially buildings that have high electricity usage and are located in shade-free zones. Therefore, commercial properties that should consider solar panels are factories, warehouses, barns, educational facilities and sports clubs.

Disadvantages of solar panels

By opting for privately-owned commercial solar panels your business can reap amazing rewards. However, like with anything that sounds too good to be true, there are some disadvantages you should take into account.

  • High initial cost – the cost of purchasing and installing solar panels in the first place is what can put a lot of people off. They can cost between £2,000 and £9,000 depending on the size of your building, etc., and waiting to feel the reward of saving takes a lot of time and patience.

        The solution: Investing in a PPA scheme will take the pain out of costly installation, and you will still be able to rest assured knowing you are doing your bit for the environment while still paying less for your energy than you would if you were buying it from the grid.

  • A lot of space is required – solar panels require a large amount of roof space in a shade-free location in order to operate accurately. Therefore, some buildings in the UK don’t qualify for solar panel installation.

          The solution: Although adequate roof space is a necessity, most UK homes are still suitable, so the chances that you can benefit from solar energy are high.

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‘To date we’ve installed over 9MW of solar panels which saves the environment 10,000 tons of Co2 – that’s enough to power the average house for 770 years or even drive a car around the world non-stop 1032 times!’