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Feed-In tariff - get paid to generate

Feed-In tariff (also known as FIT) is the electricity component of what some people call the Clean Energy Cashback, a scheme that pays people for creating their own ‘green electricity’, such as solar PV.

The feed-In tariff has been introduced by the Government to help increase the level of low-carbon and renewable energy in the UK towards our legally binding target of 15% of total energy from renewables by 2020 (up from under 2% in 2009).

Feed-In tariff levels vary depending on the scale of the solar panel system, but often give payment levels that make solar PV installation a very good medium to long term investment, as well as helping to reduce carbon emissions.

Watch our video example* to find out more and check out the FAQs for further questions. For more information and for rates for eligible installations visit the Energy Saving Trust website.

*rates as of Dec 2014