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Solar Maintenance

Solar Maintenance Services

Maintenance of a solar installation is where the rubber hits the road!
The office based data analysts will be able to remotely identify weak areas of an installation but the engineer has to be capable of remedying, repairing or replacing any faulty component.

The IDDEA engineers are extremely experienced and well qualified in this area; their expertise means that they have seen and done it all before.  The field engineers are also responsible for conducting the planned solar maintenance and completing the onsite element of the ‘Scope of Work’.

The ‘Scope of Work’ will vary from site to site dependent upon the size and type of installation and the individual customer requirements.

This list is not exhaustive, individual sites may require bespoke maintenance carried out.

Our ‘All Risk’ O&M package will include ALL of these planned maintenance tasks as standard, see the ‘All Risk’ policy page for details.


The following is a list of planned on-site maintenance services IDDEA can offer for contracted Operations and Maintenance Clients with field mounted PV systems:

  • Structural integrity of mounting equipment
  • Verification of adequate earthing of whole site
  • Rigidity of fixing of panels
  • Thermography of panels to check for ‘hot spots’
  • Performance testing of panels against manufacturer datasheets
  • Correct inverter operation including ventilation
  • Panel cleaning
  • Testing of buried DC and AC cables
  • Safety inspections of all high voltage equipment
  • Calibration and maintenance of weather recording equipment
  • Fencing condition check and repair
  • Grass and hedging maintenance