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At IDDEA we use our expertise and experience to design the scope of work most suitable for the Clients requirements. Be it a 30kW roof mounted installation or a 100MW ground mounted system; IDDEA will tailor a schedule of planned maintenance to suit. We will negotiate with the customer a Service Level Agreement which will enable the Client to maximise their asset at a cost appropriate to their investment.

Forecasting is done to accurately assess the installations’ anticipated generation. Then a model is built in-house which will compare actual generation to anticipated generation in any time period.
Our in-house data analysts will monitor the generation during ALL hours of day-light and will be alerted within minutes of an ‘Event’.

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If you have any questions regarding our Solar operations please contact us.

The Importance of a Service Level Agreement

A good ‘Service Level Agreement’ (SLA) will ensure that the O&M contractor is held accountable for the performance of an installation. If a site has been built correctly, is regularly serviced and is checked continuously then it should never under-perform.

Below are the corner-stones of our SLA:

• Guaranteed response times

This time is negotiated with each Client. Usually, the larger the investment the quicker you want an engineer on-site fixing any issues with an installation. IDDEA guarantee response times from 4 hours to 24 hours.

• Levels of monitoring

Again, this is size dependant. For the field mounted solar parks or large roof mounted installations we will monitor the generation during ALL hours of sunlight against actual real-time sunlight. This allows us to see if the system is under-performing and also this updates every 5 minutes, so in the case of complete shut-down, we will know and be able to get the park up and running within a very short period.
For commercial size roof mounted systems we will monitor the daily generation to ensure that the system did not fail during the previous day.

• Component replacement fees

We buy replacement components for installations outside of warranty at a very competitive rate, we guarantee that the prices we charge our Contracted O&M customers cost price +10%. Normal component prices are cost +20%.
For field mounted installations under the ‘All Risk’ policy, there are no component replacement costs, even if equipment is outside of warranty.  Contact us for details.

• Preferential labour rates

Contracted O&M customers enjoy preferential labour rates compared to no-contracted call-outs. The ‘All Risk’ O&M contract will include ALL labour, no matter how often we are at the site. Contact us for information.

• Stock holdings

IDDEA will keep a stock of quickly replaceable items for the field mounted installations which could cause down-time.