5 reasons home charge points for electric cars are better than 3-pin sockets

6 Jul 2018

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While there will be a need to charge electric cars on journeys, most drivers will charge their electric cars at home before or after a journey. There’s no anxiety about getting to a charging point, no queuing and it’s low cost – with only the cost of your own household electricity to pay.

If you have off-street parking, an approved and qualified engineer can fit a dedicated home charge unit to an outside wall or in a garage quickly and easily.

These units are becoming more popular as electric vehicle use grows and their benefits over a 3-pin socket become more clear. We list five reasons why using home charge units are better than your standard 3-pin socket to charge your electric car.

One – Charging time

Depending on the make and model of your car and its battery, you would need a 3kW or 7kW charge point at home. A 3kW home charge point will take from 6 to 8 hours to charge – 60% faster than a standard 13amp socket. A 7kW point takes from 3 to 4 hours to charge.

Two – Ease of use

Choosing a convenient spot for your charge point in your garage or on your driveway doesn’t mean you have to keep moving other cars, moving leads, swapping plugs (and unplugging the freezer in the garage!) or making space for you to park your car or plug in while it’s being charged. With a dedicated spot for your charge point, it’s easy to plug in as soon as you park.

Three – Safety

Home charge points are wired directly into your fuse box and are completely safe. They place no additional load on other wiring or circuits and include overload protection circuitry.

Unlike a conventional plug socket, a charge point communicates directly with your car, making a home charge point safer. They have built in safety features and switch off once the car is fully charged so there is no risk of overheating or socket burn out.

A home charge point is weather and waterproof and you can locate it outside safely.

Four – Grant funding

The Government, through the Office of Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV), offer a grant of up to £500 towards the purchase and installation of an eligible home charge point using an accredited installer. The supplier will look after all the paperwork for the grant, so all you have to do is pay the remaining balance. IDDEA are approved OLEV suppliers and can help you claim a grant through the OLEV Electric Vehicle Homecharge scheme.

Five – Electricity monitoring

Some home charge models will give you a report of how much electricity you have used and when. This data could help you to further reduce charge costs by allowing you to plan to charge your car when the cost of electricity is cheapest.

How IDDEA can help you

IDDEA are OLEV approved installers of electric car home charge points. We offer a free site survey and can manage the Electric Vehicle Homecharge grant scheme paperwork on your behalf.

Please contact us today on 03180 726999 or email us through our contact form to book a site survey.

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