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IDDEA install in the united kingdom, featuring Longi Solar panels


Using the latest in Smart battery storage technology, we give our customers’ solar panels the ability to store and trade energy through intelligent software.

During a solar panels most productive time, we are often away from the home and utilising as little as 20% of the energy produced. By adding a smart battery to your new or existing solar PV system you can ensure you maximise the energy you generate from your panels by using stored energy in the evening and even trade your electricity for the best price possible. The batteries are grid connected so they can even charge from the grid when wholesale prices are at their lowest.

GivEnergy battery system installed on a domestic property in the UK.

Walking you through the process:

Assessing Your Home

The specialist hardware and software we install helps deliver incredible savings tailored to you. Therefore, it is important that one of the IDDEA team visits your home to assess the suitability of your panels and energy usage.


The Survey

During the survey, the IDDEA team member will gather information about your home and energy usage and will also been hand to answer any questions you may have.


Once you decide to go ahead, IDDEA will take care of the complete process, with installation being completed within one day. You need to switch to utility provider which can take up to 28 days before you can trade and charge from the grid. However, from the first day your battery is installed the software and battery will ensure your already storing and using more of the solar energy you generate from your panels.

Earning and Saving

Once the system is fully up and running customers can save up to 70% on their electricity bill every year by storing, trading, and sharing their renewable energy.

Solar Streets, Solar system featuring the black Longi panels

Check your GivEnergy account

GivEnergy supplies an industry leading platform, allowing real-time monitoring and site-specific customisations. If you already own one of our batteries please follow  to check your usage. if you want to find our more, about how you can benefit from a battery, please contact us. 

Alternative placement of the GivEnergy system, vertical rather than horizontal.

GivEnergy Battery Systems

GivEnergy is an award-winning British Owned Battery Storage Manufacturer providing comprehensive storage systems with full monitoring control and UK based technical support.

IDDEA are one of twelve advanced installers of GivEnergy battery systems in the UK

  • Smart Technology - GivEnergy's built in Smart Technology provides functionality for Agile tariffs and Smart Grid Trading.

  • Safe & Water resistant - Lithium Ion (LiFeP04) is the safest technology on the market. Non toxic, non flammable. System are IP65 Water Resistant and can be installed outdoors if required.

  • UK Based Support –  Full Technical system support based in Stoke and Hull.

  • Warranty – each battery comes with 10 years warranty.

Benefits of Givenergy batteries

GivEnergy Battery systems offered by IDDEA

5.2Kwh Battery


The 5.2 kWh GivEnergy battery uses Primsatic cell technology and LiFePO4 chemistry to ensure safe energy storage. Through reduced thermal hotspots, and higher cell capacity and density the GivEnergy battery is a competitive choice.


  • Size: Small, lightweight and modular (54 kg)

  • Technology: LiFePO 4 Cell Technology

  • IP Rating: IP65 Water Resistant

  • Warranty: 10 years with unlimited throughout 

8.2Kwh Battery 


The GivEnergy GIV-BAT8.2 is an 8.2kWh battery storage unit, which utilises the latest LiFePO 4 prismatic cell technology. The battery has a small, lightweight and modular design. functionality flexible, practical, high-performance energy storage solution.

GivEnergy Inverters offered by IDDEA 

                                       3.6Kwh and 5Kwh Hybrid inverter                                        

preview-gallery-HYbrid inverter 3.6kw.png

The GivEnergy 3.6Kwh & 5Kwh hybrid power inverters are compatible with the GivEnergy LifePO4 solar batteries. These unique hybrid systems utilize sunlight and create a flexible power source that is available when you need it.  

By choosing a hybrid inverter you can power your solar PV system and your battery from the same inverter saving on space and cost.