Battery storage for homes and business

Batteries seem to be the obvious compliment to a solar PV installation. By storing the energy not used and discharging it later, batteries can you to save money on the ever-increasing cost of bought-in electricity. They can reduce your exported electricity to virtually zero.

Some see the effectiveness of batteries during the winter months as a limitation. In winter it is normal for your panels to not generate enough electricity to satisfy the demand in the house, let-alone have excess to charge batteries. However, by combining batteries with off-peak tariffs, there are cost savings possible, even in winter.

We strongly believe that to save consumers money on their bills, and the solution to National’s Grid issue, is to have an intuitive electricity management system in place. A battery system can use off-peak tariffs, whether combined with solar PV or not, to make the most of cheaper electricity supply rates and to ease the burden on the grid.

Charging you batteries off-peak means they can be used every day of the year, and therefore maximising paybacks and increasing your return on investment. Environmental impact is significant as wastage is reduced.

How we can help

IDDEA have chosen to partner with PowerVault and Social Energy as the manufacturers of choice. We can help you decide of battery storage is for you, and advise you on the best system for your needs, at no obligation to you.

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