Heaven Scent, Holt

1 Mar 2018

Heaven Scent, Holt

We installed a 50KW solar panel scheme of 184 panels on the Heaven Scent candle factory in Holt, Wiltshire. In April 2018, a third of all the electricity used came from the solar panels.

Danil Pettitt, owner of Heaven Scent, says:

“As a light-industrial scale electricity consumer with a strong ethos of sustainability, we wanted to reduce our reliance on the grid and reduce our electricity bills. Generating our own clean electricity on-site made complete sense.

IDDEA were very diligent in designing the most suitable roof-top installation for our needs. The installation was quick and didn’t interfere with our activities.  All the staff were extremely professional and careful.

The installation is now complete and with the meters supplied, we have a significant amount of generation and consumption data which we are using to reduce our consumption further.

I would highly recommend IDDEA to any business or home looking to install solar panels.”

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