Solar Park Operations and Maintenance, Wiltshire

10 May 2018

Solar Park Operations and Maintenance, Corsham

This 5MW solar park located near Corsham, Wiltshire has 19,760 solar panels and 171 inverters. IDDEA monitor this site during all hours of daylight and are contracted to attend site within 4 hours of a fault.

To compliment the reactive elements of the contract there is also a robust regime of planned maintenance, the full set of tests and inspections carried out all through the year help to reduce the risk of failure which ultimately ensure that the rate of return the customer invested in is achieved.

Tim Barton, owner of the solar park, says:

“IDDEA have been maintaining my site since they built the park in 2015. They always react quickly to any issue with the site and carry out the regime of planned maintenance in a safe and professional manner.

During their planned testing at the end of last year they noticed that the results of testing the transformer oil analysis were not as expected. After retesting it was confirmed that the transformer was faulty and needed to be replaced to ensure no further damage would be done to other equipment. Under the ‘All Risk’ policy of contract we have, IDDEA replaced the transformer at no cost to me, plus ALL loss of income was repaid to me.

I don’t think that it’s a coincidence that the solar park has over-performed against the predicted – and I would highly recommend IDDEA to any solar asset owner who requires a first rate service.”


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