Commercial PV System Buy-back



Realise the value of your PV system

Businesses who have bought a PV system have made an excellent long term investment. However, if you would prefer to realise the value of your system, it is now possible to receive a sizable cash payment by selling your PV system, and we have partnered with Green Nation  to be able to offer this to our customers. In summary Green Nation will:

  • Provide a proposal to purchase the PV system for a fixed fee. Green Nation will then supply the solar electricity to the business either for free or at a discounted price over a fixed period of up to 25 years
  • On acceptance, enter into a lease with you to enable the PV system to remain on your roof once ownership passes to Green Nation
  • Enter into a Power Purchase Agreement with you to ensure the price paid for the solar electricity is fixed for the duration of the agreement. Depending on the system, the electricity could be supplied for free, or for a discounted price that is linked to the Retail Price Index
  • Green Nation will also take on responsibility for the operation the PV system, including monitoring, reporting, maintenance and upgrades, all at no cost to you.

If you would like to find out more information and receive a proposal from Green Nation, then please complete the form below, or contact Green Nation on 01761 239104.


    Capacity kWp Date of installation Current generation meter reading kWh Annual grid electricity consumption kWh

    Your details will only be used by IDDEA and Green Nation for the purposes of created a quotation, and will not be passed to any other companies.

    How it works

    When you purchased your solar PV system, it was registered with Ofgem to receive ‘Feed-in-tariff’ payments. The payments are administered by your FiT Supplier, and are paid to the Nominated Recipient, which is currently you. You also benefit from the free solar electricity generated.

    The payments commenced when the system was commissioned and will be paid for 25 years if your system was commissioned before 1 August 2012, or 20 years if later. Green Nation offer the ability for you to sell your PV system, including your entitlement to receive the FiT payments, and Green Nation will then become the Nominated Recipient. Green Nation will own the system and so will be Tenants of your building purely for the purposes of enabling the equipment to remain on the roof. This is covered by a commercial lease that Green Nation will provide.  The lease will run for up to 25 years.

    You will continue to benefit from the solar electricity generated which will either be supplied for free, or at a discounted price that is linked to RPI. The Power Purchase Agreement runs for the same duration as the lease.

    As Green Nation own the system, they are responsible for all costs associated with operating and maintaining it. This is an important benefit as costs for PV systems can become significant as systems get older.

    About Green Nation

    Green Nation is a specialist solar energy company, founded in 2011 and based in Somerset. It owns and operate many hundreds of residential and large rooftops solar PV systems, as well as utility-scale solar farms. IDDEA have partnered with Green Nation for many years and we are pleased to be able to recommend them to our customers.