A Commercial Solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) is the perfect way to reduce energy bills and use clean energy with free solar panels and no upfront installation costs.

We recommend a PPA for most types of commercial buildings, a PPA can highly benefit:

  • Schools, colleges, and universities

  • Hospitals

  • Industrial buildings – warehouses, factories etc

  • Commercial buildings – offices, shops etc

  • Sports clubs

  • Social clubs

Commercial Solar Power Purchase Agreement

We can offer free installations in certain circumstances to public and private sector building owners.

You would need to enter into a Lease arrangement with our PPA provider to purchase generated electricity from them at a pre-agreed rate for a pre-agreed period of time. We would simple be the installer and would be paid to install the system by the PPA provider, who will also maintain the system for the period of the PPA, at no cost to you at all.

We understand that ‘rent a roof’ schemes have had a bad reputation over the years, and we certainly wouldn’t recommend them if you are considering selling or repurposing the building in the foreseeable future, but the commercial terms offered by our PPA provider are very fair, transparent and always have exit mechanisms built in.

In short, a PPA deal will reduce running costs, reduce the carbon footprint of the business, buy credits in corporate and social responsibility for zero upfront costs and zero running costs for the duration of the contract.

How does it work?

Roof view of a commercial installation undertaken by IDDEA in Blackberry England.
Commercial Solar on roof install by IDDEA.

Some of the important terms are listed below:

· The period can be negotiated according all party’s agenda

· PPA rates for short periods will always be higher than longer ones but over a 25 year projection, the shorter terms are always more attractive.

· The PPA provider will pay to remove the panels from the building on multiple occasions over the PPA period for you to make any non-solar related repairs to that building.

· The PPA provider will insure the installation for the whole duration of the lease

· The PPA provider will monitor and maintain the system for the whole duration of the lease.

· After the lease period is over, ownership of the system is simply signed over to the building owner. It can also be removed at the PPA providers expense if requested.

· Increases in the PPA rate will be in line with RPI. Its has been the long term trend that electricity rates climb quicker than RPI and that trend is expected to continue, this means that savings after year 1 will increase year on year.

· A mechanism is built into the PPA to prevent the PPA rate ever exceeding the grid cost.

Close up of roof mounted system installed by IDDEA on a doctor's surgery in England.

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Close up of roof mounted panels on a school system, installed by IDDEA in Devises England.