A Day on The Road With Ian Dunstone

My role varies day to day and for much of the week I find myself on the road. I have always kept a close eye on green tech and I was keen to be an “early adopter” when it came to an electric vehicle. I opted for a Nissan Leaf as my business car. I often get a raised eyebrow when I explain I use it to travel for business, but it is easier than you might think!

Being located in the South West does have its advantages as we have a high concentration of charging locations but with more being added to the network everyday I wouldn’t be worried about a long haul trip to Scotland! My best recommendation is to ensure you have ZapMap installed on your smart phone. This will provide you with all the available charge points in your area and even has a route planning to make sure you never run out of juice!

I always start by mapping out my route before I leave. I have found that having an electric car makes you much more efficient with your journeys, ensuring you don’t double back on yourself if possible! Sometimes I will be visiting customers who have a charge point installed for their employees or customers, this is ideal as I can recharge whilst we have our meetings. Otherwise I plan to recharge as close to the furthest point from home as possible to give the most efficient charge. A favourite stop is Gloucester Services, easy access to charging and a fantastic farm shop too!

My Leaf gives me approximately 124 miles of “real word” range, depending on driving conditions and traffic. If I can dock at a 50KwH charge point it will take about 20 minutes to top up the battery, just enough time to grab some lunch or make a couple of calls. This charge will usually cost around £5 at a public charge point, equating to about 7.3p per mile!

Adjusting to life with an electric vehicle has been challenging at times, without a predictable commuting schedule, a little extra planning is required. The logistics aside, the benefits are multiple, with the most important being the minimal impact on the environment as we go about our business.

Check back soon to find out how the rest of our team get out and about with their electric cars!

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