A week in Solar with Michael Lamerton

Summer 2019 has been an exciting one for us here at IDDEA Ltd. With the Launch of Frome Solar Streets campaign in association with Frome Town Council & FRECO, we have been very busy installing solar PV systems helping the Frome residents reach their carbon neutral goals!

Last week was a typical one for me, Monday spent following up on completed installations and speaking to customers to ensure they are getting the most out of their new solar panels. I then to head to the office for a meeting so of course I charged up my Renault Zoe EV whilst catching up with the team.

This is just one of the testimonials I received:

“We have purchased solar panels from IDDEA under the local scheme. Sole ownership is ours and for the price of £3000 it is very economic. The money is added to the house value, therefore not lost. Immediately we have hot water all the time at present, without paying for it and we save every year on energy bills. Next year our surplus earns a special rate from the energy company and we also help the planet – and it needs it. Hard to think of a better investment for the money!”

Tuesday took me to the beautiful Wells, to meet with Sustainable Wells & Avalon community energy groups to show them the work we have been doing as part of the Frome Solar Streets project. During my meeting I took the opportunity to charge up the EV at Morrisons, very handy!

Wednesday was spent in my home office, at the bottom of the garden! A perfect spot in this lovely weather! I then headed out late afternoon to get to Newbury in time to spend the evening talking to West Berkshire Climate Action Group about Solar Streets. A stop at Chieveley Services for a caffeine top up, battery recharge and a quick catch up on the news ensured both my car and I had enough energy to get home!

Thursday took me away from Solar for a few hours to survey a business premises for a work place charging scheme. A great way to encourage fleet drivers to opt for electric! They were very impressed that I turned up in and electric car. Then off to a meeting with our Managing Director Ian over a proper coffee whilst our cars charged! Ian drives a Leaf, we are very impressed with both Nissan and Renaults offering.

Friday is a reconciliation day for me, catching up with the team who are always out and about! The Zoe gets a day off to recharge in the garage whilst I get to work on all the forthcoming plans! No two weeks are the same for me, so planning my travel for the next week is essential! Using ZapMap I make sure that I take the most efficient routes with convenient charging points along the way!

If you would like to find out more about our Solar Streets campaigns and how it could help in your area, email .

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