Battery storage in your home – is it time to invest?

As energy prices rise, battery storage systems are becoming more popular in homes.

While your solar panels are generating electricity during the day, you can store it in a battery system and use it in the evenings when you get home. This allows you to use more of your solar energy and reduce your energy bills and your carbon footprint.

But as well as storing the electricity created by your solar panels, battery storage can also be used to store electricity bought from the grid at cheaper times of the day (such as overnight Economy 7 tariffs). This can be used during the day when electricity is more expensive to buy from the grid.

Indeed, we would argue that battery storage is a better investment when combined with an off-peak tariff and no solar panels than they are with solar panels alone. So, it is important to get a battery system that allows you to charge your battery from the grid as well as your panels.

Smart technology battery storage

The systems we install offer smart technology. This allows you to monitor the energy you use energy use, so you can then plan when to charge your battery unit and when to draw electricity from it.

The Government will be ending the Feed-in Tariff payment scheme in 2019 but those that install solar panels before that date can still benefit. While it is yet to be confirmed, those with battery storage systems may benefit from payments or reduced tariffs in the future to help provide smart grid balancing service in the longer term.

Battery systems are dropping in prices as technology improves. You will want to consider payback times, the length of time you will live in your house, your current electricity use and solar generation and the best battery for your needs.

The Energy Saving Trust produce further useful advice on battery storage for the home.

How IDDEA can help

We can advise you on whether battery storage is suitable for you home. And if it is, what type and size of system is best for you. Please call us for a no-obligation chat and quotation.

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