My Solar Experience – Christine Wilson, Frome

I’m really pleased with the ten solar panels on my roof (2.85kw). First of all they’ve enabled me to go some way towards reducing my carbon footprint – something I’ve been wanting to do for quite some while. I’ve been taking incremental steps but installing solar power has been a big one.

I’m pleased because I’m finally really paying attention to the amount of power I consume and where it’s coming from. It’s surprising and delighting me that my use of electricity from the grid is reducing week by week. I’ve actually started keeping records so I can watch the progress of my personal solar project over the next year. And having pretty well constant hot water powered by the sun is novel and rewarding. It’s going to be interesting to see what happens during the winter dark days and how much grid power I can still save. I’ve already changed some of domestic routines to fit in when the red and green lights are flickering away on the solar meters .

The inertia holding me back from taking these decarbonising steps was finally broken by Frome Town Council’s Solar Streets project, the Extinction Rebellion action & young people’s school strikes drawing attention to the Climate Emergency. They coincided at a moment when I’d been researching solar power schemes but not finding anything encouraging. Hearing from IDDEA at a public meeting at Frome Town Hall gave me the information and confidence I needed to go ahead and I was accepted onto the scheme even though I don’t live in Frome.

I can’t believe how quickly this has all happened. The FTC meeting was at the end of March and the panels were up and working at the end of May. The whole process has been pretty painless and hassle-free including the installation which took about a day and half to complete.

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