Solar PV Operations and Maintenance

Importance of a good Solar PV Operations and Maintenance Package

The key focus for solar panel investors is ‘How do I ensure that my Asset is performing in the most efficient manner possible? The answer is by having a solar PV Operations and Maintenance (O&M) system. This provides detailed performance monitoring, a thorough scope of preventative maintenance and a good Service Level Agreement to deal effectively with breakdowns.

What operations and maintenance services do IDDEA offer?

Our maintenance package has 3 aspects:

Solar Operations Services

This is where we do the performance forecasting and performance modelling is done.

IDDEA put together a comprehensive regime of planned testing of components and servicing of consumable items. We specifically designed each regime, or scope of work, with each customer.

IDDEA will ensure that the site complies, and continues to comply with, all relevant regulations and Health and Safety requirements. We negotiate individual service level agreements with each customer.

Solar Maintenance Services

Our team of extremely experienced and well qualified engineers can identify and rectify any issues within the solar farm.

We fit our fully-equipped engineer vehicles with tracking devices. We can quickly see in our monitoring station which engineer is the closest to a breakdown and can be there the quickest.

Using in-house skills IDDEA can carry out all planned testing of electrical components both high and low voltage, thermal camera and string testing. We also include panel cleaning, ground maintenance and grass cutting.

Solar Monitoring

IDDEA have an extremely comprehensive monitoring solution. We gather data from all components of the system to prove performance over a period of time. We analyse this data daily. Our analysts can quickly spot under-performing components, errors faults and discrepancies and can usually diagnose issues before an engineer even visits site.

All Risk Solar O&M Package

We are so confident with the robust nature of our planned maintenance, the reliability of our monitoring system and expertise of our data analysts, that we offer an ‘All Risk’ O&M package. This covers all faults, planned maintenance and the Public Liability insurance fee.

Why Choose IDDEA?

Having installed large PV installations IDDEA are perfectly suited to monitoring, operating and maintaining ground and roof mounted PV installations from 10kW to 100MW.

We work with PV installation owners or Asset Managers to tailor an O&M package to suit them.

Our engineers are experts at analysing the performance of any solar PV installation. We can interrogate an inverter remotely and can compare its performance with actual on-site sunlight levels and with other inverters both at the same site and surrounding sites.

We can predict issues with an installation before it even occurs. This gives peace of mind to investors that their assets are in peak working order for as long as possible.

We believe that transparency is crucial and any maintenance and a performance ratio is reported monthly and annually.

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