Solar Monitoring

Monitoring and data analysis of solar installations

With our solar monitoring, our data analysts have instant access to every monitored installation. We constantly compare projected generation to actual generation to identify discrepancies and improve the performance of your system.

Our control room has up to the minute visibility of all our monitored sites, locations of engineers and accurate weather data at each location to ensure that we know exactly what is happening at each site 24 hours a day.

IDDEA have an extensive range of monitoring equipment suitable for any size of solar installation. We gather data from the inverters, a calibrated pyranometer and the generation meter in order to prove performance over a period of time.

Designed and manufactured by all the most reliable and well-known brands in the monitoring industry, our systems will ensure your solar investment is reaching its potential.

We build our solar monitoring systems around your needs. They give you ultimate control over your solar panel systems’ performance and give you real-time results on demand (i.e. power consumption and generation data).

Many systems, such as Solar Log and Sunny Webbox, are fully controllable via Android and iPhone apps so you can monitor usage on the go.


solar farm monitoring

Monitoring Station

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