Solar Streets


What is Solar Streets?

Solar streets is a community and local council partnership with ourselves delivering quality low cost solar pv installations to whole communities.

How the scheme works

  • Solar Streets value is delivered through community involvement, bulk purchasing, condensed installations with minimal travel time between jobs
  • Working with local community action groups and local councils to promote the scheme and raise awareness
  • Helping communities to be better informed about energy efficiency, to take control of their energy bills, and to fight climate change

The partnership

  • Working with local councils to be proactive in their Climate Emergency Declaration and help communities become carbon neutral by 2030
  • Working closely with local action groups to promote the scheme and raise awareness
  • Facilitate information evenings where attendees can learn more about the scheme through presentations and Q&A sessions
  • IDDEA donate £50 per installation to a community renewable energy project

The offer

  • Free no obligation survey
  • A 25% reduction on the average cost of Solar PV system, fully installed.
  • Advice on extra equipment to maximise savings such as batteries, water heaters, and monitors
  • Advice on general household energy efficiency and ways to reduce bills and carbon emissions






To find out more about Solar Streets in your area please get in touch on